Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Quick update!

So it's been over a year since I posted! I feel TERRIBLE! So much happens in a single week, with progress that is and the super cute moments that kiddos create! So I plan to catch everyone up on the last year over the next couple of weeks! Today I just wanted everyone to know we are still here and that I continue to "blogstalk" many of you and apologise on slacking off here! All 3 kids are amazing and Evan's progress wows me often. He is a normal 3 year old and here are some of the things he is thankful for...

*fire trucks
*Rocky (our Yorkie his BFF)

He obviously loves anything that moves or has wheels! He also like dinosaurs! Such a boy! These, especially trucks and cars, he talks about all of the time. We can be working on language about ANYTHING and somehow he does better if we incorporate a car somehow. The pumpkin goes into the truck for example, we can't simply talk about the pumpkin.

We currently have speech every week with Wendi, his private SLP. He does wonderful for her! Every other week he sees his SLP through our AEA for about 1/2 hr. He is progressing with her. I think he finally feels comfortable and we have slipped into a nice routine with her. He continues to see his TOD every week. She has worked with him since he was only 3months old and she has become part of the family.

This is a super fast update but look for recaps of our last year! WE went to South Dakota, Disney World, the ZOO, Children's museum....there is so much to share I can't wait to finally do it! We are BACK!

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  1. I guess your family keeps you busy! Thank you for writing ang posting this part of your journey. I just started on the path, and it's great to read about other people's experiences