Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Fun!

So, summer is officially here and we are having a blast! Evan has been going EVERYWHERE with his big sisters so far this summer. He has enjoyed watching t-ball 3 times a week, plus practices! He already has the concept down...the ball goes on the t...then you hit it off with the bat...then you to it again and again and again...

The pool is a lot of fun too! He has really been loving the water! Bath time is not always his favorite at home, so I was a little worried about the summer full of pool time. He has surprised me and loves to play, maybe a little too much! He thinks it is funny to walk right off the edge into my arms, put his face in the water, and follow his sisters as much as possible. The zero entry is perfect for his age, but he doesn't always like to stay in the shallow area, not where the girls like to hang out either, so the lazy river seems to be where the fun is, although, I have to say the little frog slide is pretty cool too! It's so hard to have 1 favorite! My only gripe is the great amount of silence the summer brings too. Pool time means silence for him, and I don't like that part as much :( I of course sign when I need to ask him things, or tell him about the toys, what we are doing, etc. I still talk to him like I do when he has his "ears" on, but I hate that he can't hear all the amazing sounds there are to hear at the pool! The dinging of the bell right before the bucket of water dumps, the music, laughing, rushing of water... I tried to leave them on in the little sprinkler area, but of course the face has to go into the spray right away and I can't risk the loss of them! So, we have silence for awhile. I know he is doing amazing and soon there will be upgrades to waterproof processors, or at least that is the plan I have in my dreams. It really can't be that far off with the progress CI processors have made in the very recent past.

Weddings, sun, friends, swimming, adventure, fun! That is our summer! The most recent wedding, just yesterday, brought with it a new sign! HORSE! We talk about animals all the time, but cars or anything with wheels is so much better than animals to Evan. So there were horses at the reception and he signed it! YEA! A new word for the day! He seems to be picking up a few new words, signed and or spoken each week! New sounds all the time! Another cute moment at the was outdoors on a farm, beautiful. Luckily I packed the rain boots, as it rained...a lot at the beginning of the evening :( MUDDY! Tornado warnings to, but that is another story :) He was marching around in the mud, we visited the horses, talked about the flowers, had to smell them of course, peek-a-boo around the port-a-potties (who wouldn't love to hang around them!), and my favorite were his repeated attempts to blow out the tiki torches like candles. We have had to work hard on the blowing business and there it was! I must need to light more candles around here for him to blow out, or just get some tiki torches!

I can't wait for more summer fun!