Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dance Fever!

We went to a wedding last night and had a really good time. All the cousins were there so the kids really enjoyed being together! We stayed at a local hotel that the reception was held at so the kids could swim and play together and also so mommy and daddy didn't have to worry about driving home :) So like all other wedding dances the music was super loud and I watched Evan really close to be sure it wasn't too much. He actually really loved the music! I took him on the dance floor for awhile and watched in awe as my deaf son danced to the music! It was just another moment of clarity for me that we have made the right choice for him and that he won't miss out on anything! He actually couldn't get enough, because when his sisters were crying, yes crying to go to bed, he wanted back out on the dance floor! We also had the opportunity to answer many questions people had about him and his "ears." I welcome any chance to share the amazing technology of CI's! Alanya also had a very exciting moment...a man from our community was there who also has a CI. I have not had the chance to meet him personally, but knew of him. Alayna seriously drug me over to show me his super ear. She was so happy and thrilled to find someone else with super ears like Evan. So we introduced ourselves and I'm glad Alayna was as excited about his super ears I was! So Evan did have a case of dance fever and I can't wait to see what moves he comes up with as his hearing progresses!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Language explosion!

So I am obviously not very good about updating Evan's blog, but I am however very good at following many other blogs! So for those of you who like to follow us, I am working on improving! Over the last couple of weeks Evan has really begun to makes a variety of new sounds! His Bye Bye is perfect and Mama is sounding really great! Occasionally it comes out more like Mamba and we are focusing on it, but I think Mamba is rather cute! I answer to it, so it works! He vocalizes very well and other words are emerging I just know it! His Uh-oh has finally started to take on a very adorable "O" face, this has been like pulling teeth, but WOW it's finally here! So o-o-o-o is a great sound to finally hear! Not only his verbal communication, but sign as well. Receptively it amazes me how much he understands, but finally he is signing more too. Last Thurs. alone he has 3 new expressive signs...Daddy, Bug, and ball! He also signs more, milk, all done, and dog pretty consistently. I don't sign as much and I know I could, but am ok knowing he is taking in EVERYTHING! He is always listening and watching! Eventually we will be primarily verbal with him, but I want him to have some basics signs for the pool and silent moments. I am just so thankful that he is able to listen and to speak, how amazing is that!