Monday, August 2, 2010

More speech!

So summer is soon to come to a close and school will be in full swing. Well a couple more weeks, but I am getting plans set up ahead of time. I am working again to push for speech, speech, speech, for Evan! The twice a week that is recommended has never happened :( I was able to get twice a month and the way the summer has gone, unfortunately has ended up only once a month! I am very worried as know I am doing great things with him at home! I am just disappointed that he isn't getting what I think he really needs. So I am seeking out more private speech services. He is currently on a waiting list to get into a regular time slot with an SLP only 30 mins. from us. That will be a weekly service and the SLP seems to be very good with Evan and I think he will do well for her! I have also put his name into the I Hear program in St. Louis! Although we have been playing phone tag, I am excited to visit with the head of the program and get the ball rolling for that! I have heard it is a great program! I really wish there was someone with AV training in our area and bummed that really not many SLP's really get it. We aren't strictly AV, we do use sign as support. Thank goodness or it would have been a real struggle this summer at the pool! So we have a lot to learn, the girls will be back in school learning, and Evan will continue to learn to listen an to speak along with many other wonderful things his sisters will teach him! Those 3 keep me on my toes and I love every minute! I just hope I am doing everything they need me to do!

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  1. You are! You are a SuperMom! All three of them are so lucky to have been born to you!! We soooo need to hang out sometime!! You, Me, Amanda, needs to happen girl!!!